Workers' Compensation

Alloy’s professional risk management team can provide coverage for your workers’ compensation coverage for your workers across the country.

National Coverage

National Coverage

Alloy’s professional risk management team provides workers’ compensation coverage for our customers across the country.

Alloy provides its clients with coverage and competitive rates that meet their needs and contain the necessary compliance features for state-specific requirements. Alloy will help you with our knowledge and expertise in states that have specific local requirements or even use a monopolistic model for obtaining coverage. Other features of our workers’ comp program include mod rate analysis, no deposit and no audit requirements, safety consulting, and claims and litigation management.

  • Lower premium costs
  • No premium deposit— pay-as-you-go
  • No audit
  • Low group rates
  • Focus on cost control— safety, litigation management, return to work
Ohio Workers' Comp

Ohio Workers' Comp

There are few options available for employers in a monopolistic workers’ comp state like Ohio. See what Alloy can do to help you!

For businesses that qualify, the Alloy Workers’ Compensation Plan will allow you to move out of the Ohio state fund, reduce costs, and benefit from a pay-as-you-go model as opposed to lump sum payments and audits.

In Alloy’s Workers’ Compensation Plan, you have no claims exposure, and we take control of old claims and work to resolve them. Alloy employs the right risk management tools to understand and match the proper rates with our clients’ claims exposure.

  • Lower premium costs
  • Pay-as-you-go Workers’ Comp premium
  • No exposure to claims
  • No audit
  • No need to seek legal representation on your own
  • Alloy manages claims
  • Focus on cost control— safety, litigation management, return to work
  • No Annual BWC True-up to pay
Engaged Safety and Loss Control Program

Engaged Safety and Loss Control Program

The health and safety of your workforce is a key priority, and reducing the risk of injury is critical to the success of your workers’ compensation program. We have an expert team who follow systematic methods of evaluating and identifying any work-related exposures present within your operation.

  • Work-site hazard assessment
  • Written safety recommendations report
  • OSHA compliance needs assessment
  • Review of client’s existing safety policies and procedures
  • Ongoing monitoring of claims and workplace injuries
  • Written safety programs
  • Nurse case management
  • Training and education
  • Light-duty back-to-work programs
  • Drug-free workplace assistance
Risk Management

Risk Management

With workers’ compensation costs rising rapidly, employers need a broad and informed approach to their risk management plan.

Alloy provides risk management expertise and solutions that meet the specific needs of your industry and workforce. Our focus on cost control produces results.

  • Utilizing best practices
  • Promoting a safety culture in the workplace
  • Claims analysis and recommendations
  • Claims management
  • Claims litigation and subrogation
  • Return to work

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