Workers' Compensation

Alloy’s professional risk management team can provide coverage for your workers’ compensation coverage for your workers across the country.

A workers’ comp solution that makes a difference

The Alloy’s workers' comp solution is designed to reduce operating costs and stabilize premiums for our clients. Alloy has the expertise and group buying power to provide coverage for your workforce at the best rates available.

National Coverage

If your workforce is spread out in multiple states Alloy can help you with a workers’ comp plan designed to streamline administration and cut costs. If you are not working with a partner who can provide national coverage Alloy can deliver a better workers’ comp solution to fit your needs.

  • Pay-as-you-go (no premium deposit)
  • No year end audits
  • Focus on cost control

Ohio Workers’ Compensation

Ohio is one of four remaining monopolistic states for purchasing workers’ comp coverage. The Alloy Workers’ Compensation Plan allows businesses to move out of the Ohio state fund, reduce costs and benefit from a pay-as-you-go model as opposed to lump sum payments and audits. The plan is designed to reduce operating costs for Ohio employers and stabilize your premiums.

  • Pay-as-you-go (no premium deposit)
  • No BWC audits
  • Focus on cost control
  • Claims and Litigation Management


Let Alloy help you to deploy a plan designed to protect your workers and reward you for better loss experience with lower costs.

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Risk Management

Alloy’s risk management team has years of experience. We understand your financial exposure to risk and how to build a customized plan that will reduce exposure and drive down costs.

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