Is it possible to lower Workers’ Compensation costs while simplifying administration AND reducing risk?

A Better Workers' Comp Option -The Evolution of Alloy

Learn how Alloy Employer Services identified a gap in the workers' compensation industry and created a platform that now empowers businesses to efficiently and cost-effectively manage their workers' comp program.

Proactive Workers' Comp Claims Management

There is a way to control your workers' comp overhead expenses, lower risk, and achieve better outcomes across the board. You need a partner who will act in your best interest. A partner who will manage claims (and other steps in the process) as if they are their own. The best way to manage workers' comp is through Proactive Claims Management.

We only succeed when YOU succeed.

Once you are up and running on the platform, Alloy is responsible for all risk and is, therefore, proactive and watchful of all steps in the process. The way we work - by definition - we only win when you win.

We stand behind the promises we make and the results we deliver.

In fact, we are so invested in your success that if we are unable to lower your premiums immediately, we will switch you back to your previous workers' comp provider - on our dime - with no questions asked.


Signing up with Alloy has made a significant improvement in our Company, both Financially and Operationally. The savings from Worker’s Compensation has been significant and their general knowledge in matters of workplace safety has proved invaluable.

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