Finally, a flexible workers’ compensation platform

Alloy offers a unique and flexible platform that lowers premiums immediately, then - through Proactive Claims Management - provides even more savings year over year while simplifying the administration of the programs, eliminating audits, and improving cash flow for clients.

Proactive Workers' Comp Claims Management

Alloy proactively manages claims to minimize the number of claims, the number of open cases, and, ultimately, your total costs year over year.

Remain the Employer of Record
Remain the Employer of Record

Implementation and onboarding are easy because you are not compelled to change your EIN and can remain the employer of record.

Payroll System Flexibility
Payroll System Flexibility

Like your current payroll system? Great, you don’t have to change it if you don’t want to.

Get workers' comp costs under control with a partner that only wins when you win

Once you are up and running on the platform, Alloy is responsible for all risk and is, therefore, proactive and watchful of all steps in the process. The way we work - by definition - we only win when you win.

Proven Results

The average Alloy client saves over 20% on their workers' compensation premiums immediately after onboarding, and that's just the beginning!


Escape the Status Quo

Recent industry changes make it easy to ditch high fees and sub-par service for a true partner who's aligned with your goals.


Signing up with Alloy has made a significant improvement in our Company, both Financially and Operationally. The savings from Worker’s Compensation has been significant and their general knowledge in matters of workplace safety has proved invaluable.

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