Workers’ Compensation is Mandatory, Overpaying for the wrong plan isn't.

Limited options are available to help companies manage risk and reduce workers' compensation costs. Even worse, you may be working with a company whose interests never truly align with yours.

Does This Sound Familiar?

The three main problems facing companies with significant workers’ compensation exposure:

High and rising costs
High (and Rising) Costs

Workers’ compensation costs are high and can quickly spiral out of control if not managed correctly.

Lack of Options
Lack of Options

Companies don't have many places to turn in the marketplace to help them solve their workers' compensation challenges.

Poor Claims Management
Poor Claims Management

A lack of options leads companies to overpay for subpar claims management, which ultimately pushes costs even higher.

In a Perfect World

Ideally, every company would be able to eliminate the third-party insurance company and pay their own workers' comp claims. But self-insured workers’ compensation is out of the reach of many small to medium-sized businesses based on cost, risk, and regulatory factors.

The Realistic Opportunity

There IS a way to control your workers’ comp overhead expenses, lower risk, and
achieve better outcomes across the board. You need a partner who will act in your
best interest. Who will manage claims - and all of the other steps in the process - as if
they are their own.

You need Proactive Claims Management.

Save Money
Save Money

Short-term cost reduction, complemented by long-term cost control.

Save Time
Save Time

Move the hassle of workers' compensation administration off of your desk.

Drive Better Outcomes
Drive Better Outcomes

Get injured employees back to work faster, and create safer work environments for all.

It’s easy, but expensive, to stick with the status quo for workers' comp

There are a few options available to you, but none will truly solve your problems.

Dont Buy More Than You Need
Don't Buy More Than You Need

While a one-stop shop looks appealing at first, you end up with limited choices in what you can buy.

Dont Pay High Admin Fees
Don't Pay High Admin Fees

The workers' compensation savings you were promised up-front gets eaten up by high admin fees.

Dont Change Your Business
Don't Change Your Business

Your workers' compensation premium savings comes at a cost - in the form of painful business transitions - that you may not be able to quantify.

Don't get stuck with a workers' comp partner whose interests
are not aligned with yours.

We only succeed when YOU succeed.

As our customer, you are able to shift your risk. Alloy becomes responsible for all risk and is therefore proactive and watchful of all steps in the workers' comp process. The way we work, we only win when you win.

We only succeed when YOU succeed.

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