Company Overview

Based in Columbus, Ohio, Alloy Employer Services serves a range of clients from small businesses to ones with over a thousand employees. Industries we serve include healthcare, transportation, manufacturing, maintenance, hospitality and construction. Our Midwest roots have led to national reach, serving our clients with workers in over 30 states across the country because of our love to design, build and innovate in our industry.



Alloy is able to step into key HR roles and simplify administration for our clients through a business strategy called co-employment. Alloy manages discrete functions including  payroll, workers compensation and employee benefits while the employer maintains all its day to day leadership duties and managerial authority. A simple change that produces valuable results.

Risk Management

We’ve built an organization that understands the risk associated with running a workforce. Achieving improved safety, health and piece of mind for your employees results from follow the appropriate risk management plan. Understanding risk is our core discipline at Alloy.

Commitment to our clients’ success

Alloy’s mission and purpose is to help our clients to manage their workforce and the associated risk leading to reduced cost, simplified administration and improved outcomes. We’ve accomplished this by being an innovator and taking advantage of improvements in technology and communication to design an organization that knows how to deliver better outcomes for our clients.